Life at BayUP: By Allison


The Chinese + Megan

DISCLAIMER from Mindy (hitherto known as Mindster): I did not endorse anything Allison says about me 🙂

Hellooooooo friends and friends of friends. On Monday, July 2nd, we learned about education. We watched this documentary, “Waiting for Superman”. In the documentary, there was a scene where it showed elementary school kids crying because they were waiting for their names to be called to get into a charter school. They were so passionate about education and they knew how important and valuable education was. I feel stupid for not realizing that before when I was a kid. Seeing the kids’ futures in the hands of the caller made me realize that I took my education for granted. I am ashamed now to say that I did not care about school. I hope that kids realize how important education is.

I don’t want to be a teacher or work with kids, although I do like kids, but not as much as Mindster (Mindy). But spending the whole day learning about education, I think kids need to be truly loved and cared for. The interactions I make with kids make a difference. So that’s why I need to be nice to kids, not that I’m not nice to kids, because kids love me.  Which leads me to my next story hehe.

Kids at OBUGS are funny because they say whatever. They say WHATEVER is on their minds. One African American 5 year old girl named Markaela said to me “Ni hao ka lan. I speak your language”. And I was like “………..”. And then at the end of the day, all the kids were lining up and had to hold hands with each other. And I was across the garden from the kids and all of a sudden I hear Markaela’s confident and sassy voice saying “I want the Asian one in the back. NI HAO.” And all the adults were silent, but LOL-ing fa reals in the inside. And today, I had several comments, such as, “Are you a boy or are you a girl?” And then one boy said, “You look like a boy and you sound like a boy.” Well…….kids will be kids. But I have to remember that I have to show them kids love, which I hope I do.

Last Friday, me, Mindster, and Molly helped out the garden man, Maurice. This garden man, Maurice– half German, half African American, tall dark and handsome– took mindster and Elise and molly’s breath away. I however, find him fatherly, because his 4 year old daughter was with us all day. It was a good day. The 4 year old girl, Maia, loves me………way more than mindster. It was a good day. She said I was the most beautiful woman in the world and she + Maurice liked the way I dress (HAHA to all you who made fun of my style and wanted to send me to what not to wear!). the most memorable quotes Maia said were, “Are you from Chinese?” and “I like your hair. I like your necklace. But I don’t like your voice.” And then the kind, fatherly Maurice said that he liked my voice teeeeheeeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. The mindster is jealous!

 Saturday was another program day about immigration. I thought about my family because they immigrated from Hong Kong. I thought about how hard it was for my family living in America where there was a language barrier, discrimination, and stupid laws about immigrants.

Monday was another program day about criminal justice. Shockingly, I am inspired to get involved into politics. OMG I never thought the day would come when I would even be interested in the news and politics. But I am inspired because the criminal justice system and laws about immigration are so unjust that I want to find out more about the systems and get involved. I hope this fire does not burn down in me. I am a bit inspired to register to vote for stuff (OMG, again, I never thought the day would come) because I realize that voting makes a difference. I know how stupid I sound realizing that now. But please don’t call me stupid when I come back from BayUp.

My housemates and I have been running Lake Merritt. It’s been good and calming. So we ran today, and at night, me mindster, elise, and megan went to Circuit training at Regeneration Church. Might I say, the most intense, deathly work out ever made in the whole universe. I’m probably exaggerating, but mindster and elise would think otherwise. My eyes are so tired right now because sweat continuously dripped in my eyes. And so far on Friday nights, we go to Jack London Square and dance the night away under the stars with erryone in BayUp ❤ ❤ ❤

This weekend we switched up roommates and cooking teams. I call my room “the Chinese room”, because that is me and michelle’s room. I call my cooking team “the Chinese + megan” because it is me, michelle, peter, and megan. BTW the rooms and cooking teams were completely random, not according to people’s races. 


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