Chinatown: by Allison

I had a great time with all the bayupers. I had lots of fun chit chatting with other ppl from other skoos. They’re all so cool and have such strong faith. Such cool ppl! Wednesday, July 20th, me and 3 other girls were assigned to do “housekeeping” (which meant that our careers were housekeeping – cleaning someone’s kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc; we also watched some kids – kind of fun…one of them was a screamer). So we cleaned 3 houses, 8am to 5pm. At the end of the day I made $80, but I had “3 kids” and I had to pay for childcare, cellphone, and other expenses – darn kids. And at the very end, I only had $12 left ☹

Friday, June 22nd, we went to Chinatown and downtown in San Francisco. In Chinatown, we went to visit a Single Room Occupancy (SRO) building. I have been to Chinatown many many times, and I am shocked that I never knew that SROs existed in Chinatown….or even in San Francisco. I feel so sheltered from these real unjust stuff happening in San Francisco, which I do know that I am sheltered from these things. The ppl in the SRO’s are my ppl – Chinese ppl from Hong Kong. And when I’m at home, I get to watch tv in my big room and walk around in my big house. And there are ppl living in rooms half the size of a 9/10 single dorm room. One room, we walked into, and a Chinese man was so nice. He invited all of us in – like 10 of us into his small room to sit and chill hahaa. But of course we didn’t. We just glanced at his room. And 2 of his kids live in that room too! The room was really super duper small. Really small.


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